Maryland sports betting: Best online betting sites in MD

There are sixty Maryland sports betting licenses and thirty retail licenses available. A few significant operators and other retail sites already possess these permits. The betting industry’s biggest names, BetRivers, BetMGM, FanDuel, and DraftKings, offer sports betting in Maryland. Also, smaller Maryland betting sites can apply for a license because there are so many available.

Best sports betting sites in Maryland

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BetRivers Maryland Sports Betting BetRivers Sportsbook Up to $100 in bonus bets
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DraftKings Maryland Sports Betting DraftKings Sportsbook Bet $5, get $150 in bonus bets
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Betfred Maryland Sports Betting Betfred Sportsbook Get up to $1,111 in Fred Bets Bet now Betfred Maryland promo code
BetMGM Maryland Sports Betting BetMGM Sportsbook Up to $1,000 in bonus bets
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Is sports betting legal in Maryland?

Yes, sports betting is legal in Maryland. Bettors over 21 can place bets online and in retail locations across Maryland.

What type of sports gambling is legal in MD?Both retail and online sports betting is legal and live
Can bettors sign up for several sports betting sites?Yes
When did MD sports betting launch?Jan 1, 2022.

Maryland sports betting quick facts

  • There are 12 sports betting sites available now in Maryland
  • 10 retail locations are available for sports betting
  • The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency regulates the market

Best Maryland sports betting sites

The state offers a long range of licensed Maryland sports betting sites to select from. Still, we’ve whittled it down to the most reliable brands for Maryland sports betting. As a result, these betting sites in Maryland provide the greatest betting experiences in the state.


While this company began as a fantasy sports supplier, it didn’t take long for them to adapt to Maryland sports betting. DraftKings Maryland has had a lot of success partnering with big sports organizations and teams to boost its profile.

New bettors may take advantage of the DraftKings Maryland promo code on any of the major sports markets. In addition, even minor sports have a strong presence on the site, giving bettors lots of opportunities to expand their knowledge.


With its Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore, Caesars is no stranger to Maryland. However, the corporation has been gradually renewing William Hill’s footprint in the United States. As a result, you may expect a larger worldwide market in the future.

Caesars Maryland has one of the most generous welcome bonuses for new players with the Caesars MD promo code.


BetMGM betting platform is the online betting branch of one of the country’s largest gaming companies. MGM National Harbor is already a well-established retail site in Maryland. The Baltimore Ravens are also a partner of the firm.

This Maryland sports betting site covers a lot of territory, enabling single bets and buildable tickets on a seemingly unlimited supply of markets and lines. Not only that, but they’ve always provided value on these lines, even before the daily deals. Dont forget the BetMGM MD bonus code offered to new bettors.


PointsBet has its beginnings in Australia but with a collaboration with the Riverboat-on-the-Potomac facility in Maryland to break into the market, offering new bettors a great PointsBet MD sign-up promo.

The PointsBetting mechanism, which doubles a bet according to where the ultimate wager really finishes, distinguishes PointsBet Maryland from other sports betting sites. For example, suppose a bettor bets on an over and the game ends 10 points over that over. In that case, the bettor’s earnings are multiplied by the number of points over the final line. A lost wager, on the other hand, has the same effect. It puts sports bettors in a high-risk, high-reward situation.


This is another betting platform that began with daily fantasy and quickly progressed to sports betting. FanDuel is also heavily involved in technology, ensuring that MD sports betting websites and applications are simple to use.

Despite the sleek and minimalist appearance, FanDuel Maryland offers broad coverage of major sports and betting opportunities across all devices. In addition, despite the fact that sports marketplaces are restricted, each one extensively investigated leagues. As a result, you’ll have plenty of chances to put your FanDuel Maryland promo code to good use.

Why sign up at Maryland sports betting sites?


In May of 2021, Maryland legalized sports betting. Initially, the permits were only for retail sports betting. However, Maryland would later issue licenses for online sports betting. Finally, in a 2020 general election ballot measure, there was an overwhelming endorsement of sports betting in Maryland from voters. The approval laid the framework for allowing online MD sports betting.

Sports bettors must create accounts with all online sports betting platforms. Each Maryland bookmaker provides various promotions and odds on different events. Betting at better odds makes a bettor earn significant money. However, gambling at lower odds makes a bettor lose less money. Finding the best line is one of the simplest ways a bettor can get an advantage.

Get the most effective line

Shopping around for the best available line is one of the simplest ways to earn value in the betting market. Most Maryland sports betting lines will be pretty similar.

However, it is beneficial for players to take bet offers at -95 rather than -100. Bettors can ensure they get the most incredible line for the best value with more options to choose from.

Betting offers

Maryland sports betting sites almost have the same events available. However, not all events have the same odds at these Maryland betting sites. Some betting sites utilize the same software to create their odds. But not all do; thus, odds vary.

Betting sites offer similar bets in the live betting and futures markets. Having multiple sports betting platforms, and having several books allows bettors to find different bets at better rates.

Bonuses for first-time bettors

Operators offer betting bonuses for bettors signing up and depositing money with the bookmaker. This promotion is critical and advantageous for bettors. These bonuses aim to provide funds for sports betting. Bettors need to take advantage of these new user promos to maximize value. For example, the Crab Sports promo code ($500) offers new bettors a first insured bet of up to that amount.

Sports betting sensation

Users can almost always experiment with the user interface before making an account and investing money into MD betting sites. This is beneficial since it allows consumers to comprehend the odds and aids in website navigation. Bettors need to look at all of the sports betting in Maryland because a particular betting site may offer something unique.


MD sports betting sites aren’t all the same when it comes to grading events. Different bookies have different payment options, markets, and bet limits on specific markets. For instance, BetMGM will make payments on golf props when there is a tie. Another example is a two-way market on a chance that isn’t always available.

Others offer a two-way market on no touchdowns scored in NFL games, allowing users to wager on whether touchdowns will be scored or not. The market is significant because there is no two-way market in an MD betting site like DraftKings. Thus, they will refund touchdown wagers if there are no touchdown scores. Unfortunately, there are no funds for bets at providers that offer a two-way market.

Teasers are another form of odds-on-betting. For example, two-team six-point teasers are available at -120 at a particular Maryland sports betting site and -130 at others. Taking bets at -120 instead of -130 over time will earn a bettor more money than paying an extra 10 cents every time.

Selecting the best Maryland sports betting sites


All of the betting sites operating in Maryland are undoubtedly worthwhile. However, there are a few key considerations to consider when choosing an online betting site. For starters, make sure that the platform has a good consumer interface.

Because bettors spend most of their time looking for wagers, having good odds and an easy-to-use platform is essential. Excellent customer service and a straightforward withdrawal process are critical features in fantastic legal sports betting companies.

User interface excellence

For sports betting sites, having an easy-to-use UI is critical. Users spend most of their time looking for bets; thus, being able to move from players’ bet slip to the odds screen is vital. Apps and websites that are sluggish and slow provide a poor user experience. Most function best on a desktop computer, although mobile betting also works quite well.

Bet types available

Not all are made equal, and one feature that distinguishes outstanding bookies from lesser ones is the number of bets available. Bets against the spread, totals, Moneyline, parlays, live betting, and same-game parlays are open at most betting sites.

Having these bets in a betting site is critical to creating a solid option. There is a difference in bets allowable from one book to the next, especially when it comes to live betting. Therefore, players must ensure their bookmaker has the correct markets available.

Betting lines and odds at great prices

Each Maryland sports betting site offers its unique betting lines and markets for each event. In some cases, the odds and betting lines can be identical. However, there are occasions when books give significantly superior odds on events. Therefore, people must have access to various options while wagering.

Better odds on an event either give players more money or cost them more. The bettor should always be able to discover the best odds available since there are several Maryland sports betting sites.

Bonuses for regular sports betting

For all bettors, bonuses are a crucial component of the wagering experience. Bonuses are beneficial since they provide users with higher odds on events or bonus bets. Every sports betting operator we link to offers a bonus for new customers and habitual bettors. All of these incentives assist the customer by providing money to wager with them. The book that benefits the most from a gambler’s action must compensate with bonuses and promotions.

Efficient deposits and withdrawal methods.

A user must deposit monies to place bets on an MD sports betting website. When users win wagers and wish to withdraw funds, they must follow the sports gambling withdrawal procedures.

A bookmaker must provide several options for users on all fronts. Sports betting sites also must offer bettors a short turnaround time when withdrawing monies. Payment options are one of the most critical elements to consider when deciding how good an MD sports betting site is.

Customer service options

When using various betting sites, consumers frequently have queries about the types of bets available or the state of their account. For a betting platform to have a proper evaluation, it must have multiple ways to contact them for support. Typically, betting operators provide customer care by email and phone, but the best feature is live chat. It is not available at all betting sites, but it should be. The user experience must be able to contact assistance promptly.

Positive feedback

When looking for the best sites to bet on, reading reviews is a fantastic method to learn more about these Maryland betting sites. It’s critical to know what to expect from a sports gambling operator and be aware of its flaws. Keeping up with the most recent reviews of all of them will undoubtedly help players choose the best ones.

Available sports wagers at MD sports betting sites


Every player has their preference when placing bets. Therefore, several markets are available to punters at top Maryland betting sites. The most popular bet kinds offered by the top betting sites are;


In Maryland, legalized sports betting will allow gamblers to wager on sporting events on the Moneyline. The Moneyline is a wager on one team winning an event with no points added or subtracted. As a result, one team will often be the underdog with favorable odds. At the same time, the other will be the favorite with unfavorable odds. For example, if Team A is playing Team B, and a bettor wants to wager on Team B to win straight up, they will bet on Team B’s Moneyline.


A parlay bet combines two or more chances into one wager. If a bettor places a parlay, the total odds of both straight bets determine the parlay’s odds. To win a parlay, all of the events must be winners. For example, on an NFL Sunday, a bettor can parlay the two teams to win both of their games and if both teams win, the parlay will be paid out.


A gamble on the total final score of a game is known as a total bet. Maryland betting sites will give the final score of an event a number, and it is up to the player to bet on the final score to be more or less than the number provided. Totals are more prevalent in high-scoring sports like the NFL and NBA, although they are still used in hockey and baseball. For example, a game’s total could be set at 202 points, and a bettor could bet on whether the total final score would be more prominent or fewer than 202.

Point Spreads

The most prevalent type of sports betting is against the spread. For example, if the Baltimore Ravens play the Cleveland Browns, the point spread for the game might be Ravens -3. The Ravens must beat the Browns by greater than three points for a bet on them to win. Spread betting involves adding or removing points from a team’s total, and the odds usually are -110.


The bets are a wager on a game that will occur later in the season. Punters can place future bets as soon as the odds for the next season are available. It can be months in advance, but it can also be placed just a week or so ahead of time.

A wager on a team to win the championship is an example of a future bet. Players can make this wager on the first day of the season or throughout the NBA postseason. However, the team’s current status will determine the odds offered on a future bet.

Proposition bets

These bets are abbreviated as prop bets. Wagers on a player’s statistics for a game or an event taking place in the game are known as proposition bets. For example, a prop bet on a player may be the over/under points for Kyle Kuzma. The number of field goals in the Ravens game is an example of a game prop. Prop bets are available in all major sports leagues and complement Maryland’s regulated sports gambling environment.

Live to bet

This type of betting refers to betting on an event that is now taking place. For example, if it has already started, a bettor can place a prop bet, a total bet, against the spread bet, or a Moneyline bet on the Ravens game.

Live bets are ideal for players searching for an edge on an event where the closing total isn’t to their liking. For instance, a live bettor can obtain a better number if the Baltimore Ravens are -7 versus the Pittsburgh Steelers and the line changes to Ravens -5 after the game begins.

Unacceptable bets

In the state of Maryland, there are currently no prohibited bets. Other states that have legalized sports betting have laws prohibiting bettors from betting on collegiate teams, but Maryland has none. This implies that a bettor can watch the Maryland Terrapins basketball team play at College Park while placing a wager on the game.

Offers & promotions Maryland sports betting sites


Bookmakers offer promotions to their customers to make wagering more fun and profitable. Betting sites also offer daily incentives like odds increases on popular events, which are given out when gamblers join up for their betting accounts. New bettors should take advantage of these promos since some betting sites provide bonus bets to new customers.

This isn’t always the case, however. In other circumstances, sports betting sites will enhance the odds in a game so that if a team wins, the payout will be higher. However, some bookmakers may offer deposit matching or guaranteed winners with maximum bets of $5-$25 with the possibility to win thousands of dollars.

Bonus bets and site credits

The bets are popular online sports betting promotions. When betting on a specific event, a bonus bet is an offer that allows a bettor to spend site credit or be refunded if they lose. Most betting sites give a substantial initial stake for a gambler’s first-ever bet with their chosen platform.

When a betting operator wants to promote an event, it may provide bonus bets at random. Bonus bets have clear advantages: a bettor can place a wager and lose nothing if it loses. The main disadvantage is that the reimbursement is occasionally delivered in non-withdrawable site credit. The losses are reimbursed, but they must be wagered.

Deposit bonuses

This promotion is another popular incentive that Maryland betting sites offer. A deposit match occurs when a platform matches the money deposited into a bettor’s account. Deposit matches are usually only suitable for the initial deposit.

A deposit match’s advantage is that a site may provide a bettor bonus credits merely for depositing. Still, the disadvantage is that these funds may only be site credit that must be wagered before being withdrawn.

Bonuses for referrals

Sports betting sites offer customers a referral incentive. Most betting sites provide each bettor with a unique connection to their account. The link can be shared with friends, relatives, or anyone who does not have an account.

Bettors register up for a site using a link that the player provides. The player will earn a referral bonus, which they can use to place bets. Some reward both parties. Others reward the person who spreads their referral link with cash.

Increased odds

A promotion that improves the odds of a particular event is known as an odds boost. Although odds enhancements occur regularly, they always have a maximum wager value of $5-$50.

Increased odds are also more common in higher-ticket events, such as playoff games and Pay-Per-View fights. An example of an odds hike would be if the Ravens went from being available at -110 at every betting site to being offered at +150 at whichever book is offering it.

Insurance parlay

Parlay insurance is a popular promotional item. Most bookmakers offer parlay insurance, which allows a parlay to win even if one leg is lost. All parlay insurance policies have a maximum bet and specific terms that players must meet.

The insurance is only available for parlays involving four or more events in a single sport. The advantage is that players need to hit three of four events to win. However, the disadvantages are that this reduces punters’ payout, and they can’t combine sports.

Popular MD sports for betting


We expect Maryland sports betting will feature all major sports as betting markets when it goes live, whether betting on the NFL, MLB, or college sports.


The football league is always the most prominent handle in the US sports betting market. Maryland sports betting enthusiasts can now legally wager on the NFL. The games dominate on Sundays, and now there’s more to it than just watching. In addition, there is a prime-time NFL game practically every Monday and Thursday night throughout the whole season, ensuring constant activity for all 18 weeks. Maryland sports bettors enjoy betting on the Ravens and the Football Team.


The basketball league has activity virtually every night, and sports bettors in Maryland can now wager on the NBA. The NBA is a terrific place to wager since bettors may focus on player props like total three-pointers made or over/under point totals. In addition, Maryland online sports betting will allow fans to bet on the Wizards, allowing all Maryland residents to support their home team. The NBA is a popular sport in the United States. Legal sports betting is expected to increase the money wagered on NBA games.


Major League Baseball is another popular betting industry in the United States. The handling of bets on MLB games is increasing now that Maryland permits sports betting. The MLB is a fascinating place to gamble because there are exciting prop bets on matches, like whether a team scores a run in the first inning or a player’s total bases in a single game. Residents of Maryland can bet on both the Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles. EVERY FALL, the MLB holds its annual postseason, and Maryland bettors can participate in these high-profile baseball games.


Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the United States. It is anticipated to grow as sports betting becomes more widely permitted. The NHL is a fantastic sport to wager on because it is swift and full of action. Bettors in Maryland can wager on popular NHL clubs and significant events such as the Winter Classic and the playoffs.

College athletics

In contrast to other jurisdictions that have recently been allowing sports betting, Maryland enables gamblers to wager on in-state university teams. For example, a bettor in Maryland can place a wager on the University of Maryland football team to win. Collegiate sports are one of the most popular bets in the United States. Therefore, it’s excellent that Maryland gamblers can now wager on college teams.

FAQs Maryland sports betting online

Who regulates sports betting websites in Maryland?

The Maryland Gaming Commission oversees all aspects of gaming. This commission regulates, licenses, and controls sports betting in the state.

What is the minimum betting age for sports betting in Maryland?

A bettor must be 21 years old or older to participate in legal sports betting in Maryland. This is similar to every state in the country.

Do players have to be state residents to wager at Maryland sports betting sites?

Players do not have to be Maryland residents to bet online. However, one must be physically located in Maryland or another state where sports betting is legal to wager online.

How can players in Maryland bet on sports online?

Players in the state can easily place wagers by registering with any bookmaker. However, players must ensure that they play on a legal betting site to avoid any trouble with the authorities.

Are sports bet winnings taxed in Maryland?

Sports winnings are subject to tax in the state. Prize winnings of more than $5,000 in Maryland are subject to withholding for federal and state income tax purposes. Maryland withholds sports betting taxes at an 8.75 percent rate on a resident’s winnings. The withholding rate for nonresidents is 7.00 percent. Players must consult their tax consultants to avoid any legal trouble.